Three Goals I Have as I Write

To be successful at anything, but especially as an Author, you need to have specific Goals in mind as you pursue your craft. I discovered this a long time ago, and, I believe, once I figured out what my goals were I became a better, and published!, Author. To quell your curiosity, those Goals are:

  • To Inform
  • To Assist
  • To Entertain

I’m sure that the definition of each of these terms is self-explanatory, but why they are my Goals may not be so much so. As a result, I will take just a moment and reveal my thought process regarding this issue.

If you take a moment, as I did, and evaluate why you read what you read, you will discover that the three main reasons are:

  • You want to acquire more information on any given topic.
  • You read a “How To” to help you with a particular problem or challenge
  • You want to be entertained – – to be intrigued or be “tickled” in some way.

As I pondered on this a bit, I realized that a winning formula for a literary effort, then, would be to incorporate all three! So, as a result, that was the course I took and I feel that my decision was, in fact, the way to go.

Having figured this out, I wasn’t finished with my pondering! You see, one of the literary works I spend a great deal of time with is THE HOLY BIBLE. Using my new discovery regarding literary attractions, I applied it to the Word of God! Sure enough, these three elements are what makes reading THE BIBLE such a rewarding undertaking1

Now, you might think my “pondering” on this topic was finally over. But, as Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast, my young friend!” I discovered some very GOOD NEWS in my next phase of pondering: My incorporating these elements as I write is another example of the fact that we are made in the Image of God – that we have the mind of God! WOW! What an epiphany!!!! My success as an Author is because I followed the formula that God used when He wrote THE BIBLE. Now, you gotta admit, that is GOOD NEWS!!!!!

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