I’m the “Bible Guy,” Not the “Commentary Guy!”

A few years ago I went on a “Men’s Retreat” with some members of my CHRISTIAN BUSINESS NETWORKING Group. We went up to our cabin in Flagstaff, and had a really good time! One of those who went with us was a chef, so needless to say we ate extremely well, and the company was great, as can be imagined! Yep, it was a dandy trip!

Saturday afternoon we got to talking about the BIBLE (it was after all, a Christian Retreat!), and the boys started talking about some Commentaries they had been reading and what they had to say. Me? I just sat and listened. You see, I have never read any Commentaries. So, I sat … and listened … and learned quite a lot. My mind was a little pre-occupied, however, as I contemplated the fact that I had never read any Commentaries!

After we got back home I discussed this first with my wife and then with God (I know, I know … I should have talked to God first!). Anyway, the following conversation took place:

Me: God?
God: Yes, Floyder? (He calls me that sometimes!)
Me: I realized this week-end that I haven’t read any Commentaries on the BIBLE.
God: Floyder? (Remember, He calls me that sometimes.)
Me: Yes, God?
God: What do you think is more important, reading what I said, or what someone says I said?
Me: What You said.
God: Floyder?
Me: Yes, God.
God: Did you learn, “Thy Word have I hid in my heart,” or “The Commentaries have I hid in my heart?
Me: Thy Word.

A somewhat pregnant silence took place, where I knew God was just smiling at me ‘cause I had come up with the right answers. The GOOD NEWS? I realized I was not remiss in not reading Commentaries. The even GOODER NEWS? It’s not a bad idea to read Commentaries, but it’s an even BETTER idea to read the Word of God!!!

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