So … What’s so Special

About Being a Millionaire?!?!?!?!

I was reflecting on my life recently (you tend to do that a lot more often when you are 70 than when you are 40!!!).  This particular day I was thinking about my Financial where by all, or the lack thereof.  Now, as I have stated many times, money was not in an abundance at our house – – – ever!  And, like everyone else, down through the years I dreamed about winning the Lottery and how that might change our lives.  Now, on the day that I was whiling away a few minutes cogitating on this I came to a remarkable realization – an epiphany, if you would, that I want to share with you so that you can be Blessed by it as much as I was.

That day my thoughts took on the form of an imaginary discussion between me and Larry King.  I was on his show being interviewed about my Faith Walk (I have an extremely vivid imagination!), and our comparative Financial situation came up.  Mr. King is worth an estimated $150 million, and I almost always have at least fifty cents in my pocket!  As these facts were made known, he turned to me and asked, “How can you possibly say you are more Blessed than I am?”

Like the Holy Spirit, I try to be a gentleman and didn’t point out that he had been married eight times more than me and has had seven more divorces than I have!  No, I kept on-topic, and the following conversation took place. (Remember, this is IMAGINARY!)

Me: Well … let me ask you a few questions to start with.
Him: Ok.
Me: Have you ever had to go to bed Hungry?
Him: No.
Me: Me neither. Now, have you have ever had to go around naked because you couldn’t afford clothes?
Him: No.
Me: Me neither. Now, have you ever been homeless?
Him: No.
Me: Me neither. Have you ever been ill and financially unable to get medical care?
Him: No.
Me: Me Neither. Now, were you able to go to College?
Him: Yes.
Me: Me too. Were you able to take your kids to Disneyland and Sea World?
Him: Yes.
Me: Me too. Were you able to go with your family to MACY’S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE and the PASADENA ROSE PARADE?
Him: Yes.
Me: Me too. Have you been able to go on multiple Cruises?
Him: Yes.
Me: Me too. Have you ever been able to buy a brand new car?
Him: Yes.
Me: Me too. Have you pretty much been able to do everything financially in life that you wanted to?
Him: Yes.
Me: Me too. Now, Mr. King, when it comes to Finances perhaps I’m not more Blessed than you are, but, sir, I certainly don’t believe I’m any less Blessed!

What God revealed to me, and I hope you are able to see this too, is that when it comes to money there comes a point of diminishing returns – REALLY!  What it boils down to is, “You can only eat so many cheeseburgers!” Our problem, as a society and as individuals, is that we often spend so much time bemoaning what we don’t have that we forget to count the Blessings that we do have! In closing, I’m going to state the same question that I opened with: So … What’s so Special About Being a Millionaire?!?!?!?!

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