A-dore or A-window?

door jesus heartA couple of Sundays ago. Pastor Ashli Van Horn, of ONE CHURCH SCOTTSDALE, shared in a sermon that we need to always Adore our Lord and Savior. Possessing a mind that is slightly askew (to say the very least!), I took that thought and “ran with it,” if you would. And, if you have a minute to spare, you might enjoy what I came up with.

The first thing I did was convert to Adore to A-door. I then realized that we should still A-door Jesus – – for, with a door, we allow Him into our hearts, and our lives, where He can dwell forever.

After “squaring” that away, I took the next logical step (logical for me, at least!) and thought about what would happen if we were to A-window Him. The answer, of course, is that we would only allow Him to look into our lives. He might stand at the door and knock, but we never let Him in.

So, thought I, what would it mean if we were to A-floor Him? It would mean that we spend our time walking all over Him! How does that work out? Well, the only time we want anything to do with Him is when we want something from Him! Like a spoiled little child, the extent of our vocabulary when speaking to Him consists of “give me, give me, give me!!

While some do A-floor Him, others A-ceiling Him. I know many people who A-ceiling Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, putting a limit on what they can accomplish – – especially in our lives. I think this is probably because since we know we have limitations, we somehow assume that so does our God!

The GOOD NEWS is that scriptures tell us that we should never A-Ceiling Him, for He will never A-ceiling us! Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” As we can do all things, how much greater things can our Lord and Savior do!

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