I am, throughout the course of my life, Blessed with compliments about my knowledge, wisdom, skill, and abilities. And, fool that I am, my reply usually is, “…and I’m good lookin,’ too, but nobody ever mentions that!” Now, I do say that as a goofa-goof, though it drives my wife right crazy as she thinks that I am, again!, being egotistical!

In a recent sermon, Pastor Rowdy Van Horn of ONE CHURCH SCOTTSDALE pointed out the difference between Narcissism and Positive Self Image: “Narcissism looks in the mirror and praises self; Positive Self Image looks in the mirror and praises God!”

Truth of the matter is, I am satisfied with my appearance. I never say I am handsome, however. What I do say is, “I feel handsome.”

As a result, my wife usually comments, “Boy, I wish I had the mirror you look in!” Or, “Where, exactly, did you buy those rose-colored glasses?” Fortunately, I know she loves me anyway!

The thing is, when I look in the mirror I do think I look good! However, when I see a picture of myself, as the title of this Blog indicates, I am not as impressed. In fact, I am darn near horrified!!!

This fact got me to thinking about several things. The first is, “When I look in the mirror do I see what I look like, or do I see what I used to look like?” If the latter is the case, then I must have a really good memory, ‘cause I think I still look pretty darn good!

The next thing that intrigues me is, “If I still see myself as looking good in the mirror, why don’t I see myself that way in the photo? Does the mirror allow me to look into my own soul, where I am still young, handsome and dashing, whereas the photo only presents the ‘outward’ me – – the one that shows the hair of wisdom and the wrinkles of age? Pretty intriguing, huh?

The GOOD NEWS is God sees us just the opposite … He never sees us as we were, He only sees as we are … Redeemed and Washed in the Blood of the Lamb. And, He doesn’t haveRose Colored Glasses” for, by the Grace of God, that is the way we are!

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