So Far, I Have Eaten More Than 77,000 Meals


I was thinking the other day (Yes, it was a rare occurrence!) about how much I take the “everyday” Blessings I enjoy for granted. As a starting point, I pondered how well fed I am! If we consider that I have eaten three meals a day for the most of my life (and some days I’m sure there were more!), my title statement is most accurate!

To the best of my knowledge, I have never had to go to bed hungry! I have been able to enjoy Mexican Food; Chinese Food; Italian Food; French Cuisine; German Fare and Mediterranean Delicacies. I have eaten at at least a dozen different types of Fast Food Establishments, and have indulged myself with I don’t know how many different brands of Ice Cream! Yes … I am well fed!

Next, I thought about how many clothes I have. I am so Blessed that I basically have two different wardrobes – winter and summer! And, as I have shared with you before, while I might not be a Fashion Plate I am, at least, a Fashion Saucer! My greatest “Name to Fame,” when it comes to wardrobe, of course, are my hats and ties! Oh, and what dandies they are! And, I have a tremendous selection of each – Literally one for every occasion! (Side Bar, for Grammar Nuts: If the plural of cactus is cacti, is the singular of Neckties Necktus?)

Yes, as I am well fed I am also well attired!

Never had to go hungry, never had to go naked. And, I was never homeless either! Always had a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in! I was in where it was warm during the winter, and in where it was cool in the summer! When you think about it, who could ask for anything more!?!

On top of all of this, I have never had to go unloved either. From Mom and Dad to brothers and sisters-in-law and nieces and nephews to a spouse, children and grandchildren of my own, I have had literally an unlimited number of family members who loved me. And what about friends? Why, I almost have more than you can shake a stick at … All of whom are always glad to see me and look forward to spending time with me.

Pretty sad, isn’t it? I mean, a man who is this Blessed tends to take it all for granted! Now, that isn’t to say that I am not thankful and/or appreciative of all this. It’s just, well, that since I have enjoyed it all for the entirety of my life, I sometimes tend to forget that there are those, in our own country even, who don’t enjoy these Blessings every day like I do. The GOOD NEWS is, I am trying to be more conscious of my Daily Blessings, striving diligently to mention to God how thankful I am for them.

In summation, I just have a quick question: Do YOU take your Daily Blessings for granted?

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