Beautiful-2Recently our young friend, Chad Stogner, came to our house to visit.  Chad is getting ready to go to Colorado State University where he will be participating in training for Chi Alpha, an on-campus ministry that offers a Christian experience for college students.  After he left, I remembered a discussion I had had with him probably a decade or so ago.

We were at a Church Christmas Party, and Chad and his mom, Renee, were sitting with Chris and me at a table when the following conversation took place between Chad and me:

Me:  Chad, do you know who the two prettiest women in the world are?

Chad: (W/out a moment’s hesitation): These two (Indicating his mother and Chris)?

Me: (Chuckling):  Well, that’s close enough for now.  But, actually, Chad, the two prettiest women in the world are your mother and your wife.

It has always been my goal to mentor young people whenever I get a chance, and my intention that December evening was to plant a very important seed in Chad’s fertile young mind:  When you look at your wife, or the woman you are hoping to make your wife, you should see what you believe to be the prettiest woman in the world.  When you do, you will be avoiding the temptation to have a roving eye, and, even more importantly, the temptation to pursue another woman’s attention.

You see, if you already have the most beautiful woman in the world, there is no reason to pay any attention to the others.  As I have frequently told my wife, “Honey, why should I worry about the rest when I already have the best?”  She, being the modest sort that she is, usually goes “Ahhh, pshaw,” and advises me that flattery will get me everywhere! I, of course, counter with, “It isn’t flattery when it’s the truth!”

You may be thinking, “Now, Floyder, that may be all well and good for you and the La La Land you live in, but in the real world men just don’t think and behave like that!”  MY response to that is, simply, “Hogwash!”

The list of men that feel the same way that I do would fill volumes … literally!  And, to the best of my knowledge, you know what all of these men have in common?  Somebody took the time to teach these men when they were youngsters the proper way to treat women, and even more importantly, how to view and treat their wives.

If you haven’t already surmised, there is a moral to this story:  If you want your sons, your grandsons, and even your great-grandsons to be happy in marriage, ask them – “Do you know who the two prettiest women in the world are?” and then take the time to explain to them the importance of the correct answer!


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