I Guess it Matters Where You Are

AussieWinter-1I glanced at my calendar this morning and was reminded that today is the First Day of Summer. With a somewhat sardonic grin I thought, “Well, in Phoenix the First Day of Summer was April 10th.” I base that thought on the fact that April 10th was the day when the ol’ mercury made its way to the century mark for the first time in 2018. While parts of the nation are only weeks away from snow patches in their backyard, my family has been splashing around in the pool for about the same amount of time!

I know, I know, you are thinking, “Weather conditions aside, Floyd, no matter where you are, TODAY is the first Day of Summer!” Well, actually, if you did think that you would be wrong! You see, if you were “down under,” in Sydney, Australia, today you would be celebrating the twenty-second day of winter! South of the Equator, seasons are, for lack of a better term, “opposite” of the ones north of the Equator! Further, in Australia they don’t rely on the Equinox or Solstice to set their seasons, and, as a result, each season begins on the first of the month. So, winter began on June 1st!

I pondered this while writing my Blog, and realized that God’s Good News is this: Regardless of where you are, His love is always “in season!”  From one end of the earth to the other – – north or south of the equator, east or west of the Prime Meridian – – it doesn’t matter – – – God’s Love is always in season! And, since we need all of the love we can get, that is extremely Good News!

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