When I was in high school I did prettyyyy good in Biology (As I recall, I received a C-)! And, one of the things that I learned was that we have five Senses: Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell, and Hearing. So, for fiffftyyy five years if you would have asked me, “How many senses do you have?” I would have said, of course, five! Then, not toooo long ago, I discovered that it has been determined that we actually have seven Senses, as two new ones have been added:

  • VestibularThe perception of our body in relation to gravity, movement, and balance.
  • ProprioceptionThis allows us to perceive where all our body parts are at any given time. An example of Proprioception is the fact that we can clap our hands with our eyes closed.

As usual, I cogitated on this a mite, and I realized that, actually, we have a lot more Senses. Let me share with you a few Senses that have been attributed to me, at least.

  • Nuisance – Something my wife accuses me of every time I get in her way while she is baking.
  • Nonsense – What my mother use to say most of my thoughts were, which she referred to as my “blabberings.”
  • Commonsense – A “Sense” that several of the latter Generations seem to have been born without.

The GOOD NEWS is, that for the most part, God Blessed us with our Senses to enhance our enjoyment of the rest of His Creation, or to protect us. One of the Philosophical Questions often discussed down through the eons of time is which of the Senses would you be most, or least, willing to give up. The really GOOD NEWS is that very few of us will ever actually have to decide which Sense we would give up!

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