Which “IN” Group are YOU a Part of?

It is hard to believe that I have been out of High School for FIFTY THREE years! I’ll have to admit that my High School years were more than just “all right” – – they were pretttttyyyyy exceptional! It was during those four years that I really “came into my own,” if you would. I proved to be more than average academically, becoming the first of not only my immediate family but also my extended family to go to college! I was friends with everyone in my Graduating Class, which was pretty unusual in itself! (Okay, Okay — so there were only 49 in my Graduating Class and everyone was friends with everyone!) Still, it is important to understand that was the case, for, at least where I was concerned, I was a part of every “IN” Group.

Now, Floyder,” I can hear you thinking, “if there were only 49 of you how many groups could there have possibly been?”

Well, if that was your thought, you may be more than a little surprised to learn just how many there were. Like most High Schools we had all the standard groups: Jocks, Nerds, Thespians, Musicians, and Rebels without a Cause! But … we had a few others, too! For example there were the Hunters, Farmers, and a rather large group that we unofficially referred to as the FSA – Future Secretaries of America! There was some overlap in these groups membership, and while I got along with all of those groups it doesn’t mean I was a member of all the groups!

Then High School came to an end and the years went by, and then decades went by, and then scores went by, and then a quarter of a century went by and then a half century went by and today, as I reflect on this topic, I discover that there are still “IN” Groups! As I cogitated on this a bit, I came to realize that there are two categories, if you would, of “IN” Groups. To help you envision these categories, I made the following list:

The “In” Crowd

Did you notice anything about these two categories? If I had to title them I think I would use the terms “Positive” and “Negative.” There are sixteen “IN” Groups listed here, and I would ask that you do a little introspection and make a list of the “IN” Groups that you feel that you are a member of. Now, did you find more from the “Positive” or “Negative” columns on your list?

The GOOD NEWS is that by the Grace of God we can shed all the NegativeIN” Groups we are a part of, and replace them with ones from the Positive list. While you may not realize it, frequently we find ourselves in that “Negative” Category by our own perception and not that of others! To know just how valuable you are, just remember this: God loves you sooooo much that He sent his Son to die for you! That, my friend, makes you INvaluable!!!!

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