You ARE an Engineer, Aren’t You?

A little over two decades ago God Blessed me with a job at THE CAMELBACK INN. I was originally hired on a temporary basis to work on a Computer Program that dealt with Preventative Maintenance, but one thing led to another and, before long, I was a permanent fixture in the Engineering Department. My official title was Dispatcher, but that position became passé with the advent of another Computer Program! So, what I became, in essence, was an Administrative Assistant to all of the Engineering Hierarchy.

At this point I should make sure that everyone understands that at THE CAMELBACK INN the “Engineering Department” was a synonym for “Maintenance Department.” Now, I further need to point out that while I was a superb Administrative Assistant, when it comes to accomplishing Maintenance tasks I was far from competent. While I was fairly knowledgeable about some of the tasks, I’m just not handy.

So, this one day I’m in the office and in walks Woody Marriott. At that point in time, THE CAMELBACK INN was the flagship of the MARRIOTT Properties, and, each March, the whole Marriott family came there for a two week vacation. As you can imagine, the entire Engineering Department was on “Red Alert” during their stay, and their wish was our command.

Anyway, Woody walked in and visited for a bit, and then he said to me, “I need a lightbulb changed in my bathroom.” I smiled and said, “Yes, sir. I’ll call someone and have them there right away.” And he said, “You can go take care of it. You ARE an Engineer, aren’t you?”

Well, I chuckled and mumbled something and called another Engineer tout de suite!!! At about that time someone else walked into the office and Woody visited with him and then left. I was elated, of course, for I didn’t want to try to explain to him that while I was working in the Engineering Department, I really wasn’t an Engineer.

Now, I realize that you may be thinking, “Floyder, what the smash does this have to do with anything?” Well, with COVID-19 and the changes in our world that it has brought about, I am intrigued by how so many in our society are responding. It appears that one of the major reactions is fear. And, unfortunately, many of those who are fearful are frequent church attenders.
I sometimes speculate that God looks down from on high and, as He observes and reflects on our reaction, He thinks, “You are a Christian, aren’t you?” With that in mind, there are several things we need to consider:

  • Fear is the opposite of Faith
  • God has not given us a spirit of fear …
  • “Fear Not,” in its various forms, appears in the Word of God 365 times – – once for every day of the year!

Even during these most trying of times, there is GOOD NEWS, and it is found in             Isaiah 41:10Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. So, as you face whatever may be in your future, quote Isaiah 41:10, and keep repeating over and over to yourself, “I AM a Christian!!!!”

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