I’m Not the ONLY One who Wears a Tie… BUT ALMOST!

I Wear Ties

I have known for a long time that I am archaic (Archaic: [Adj.] Very Old or Old Fashioned). Now, if you talk to my Grandchildren they would emphasize the “old” part! Most of my “young” friends, (former students from my teaching days) they would probably indicate that the latter part is true. Me? I think the complete definition aptly describes me. So, with that as the basis for my Blog, I will now continue.

If you know me, even on a casual basis, you will know that there are certain occasions when I wear a tie: To Church each Sunday; when I call on a Client/Prospective Client; and certain “Special” holidays, such as our Anniversary or my wife’s Birthday. I do this for one simple reason – to show Respect: Respect to my Wife; Respect to my Clients; and, most importantly, Respect to God!

I have been noticing, however, over the past two or three decades, that those of us who are wearing Ties are in the vast minority. And, when I say vast, I mean VAST!!! In fact, at my church I am, pretty much, the ONLY ONE that wears a Tie. When I go to my daughter’s church in Buda, Texas I am, pretty much, the ONLY ONE who wears a Tie.

Now, and it is the next few paragraphs that are going to make everyone that reads this madder than a wet hornet at me, I want to elaborate on the “RespectFactor for each of the three entities that I mentioned just a bit. At this point I do want to mention that, even when you’re mad at me, I will still Love You!

I want you, for just a moment, to think about those individuals in our society who have had the highest income throughout the course of time. I’ll list several that come to my mind: Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers and Financial Advisors. Know what all of the male members of these professions have in common? Yep – – they all wear ties to work. Know why? Because they Respect their Clients and themselves! You see, they understand that what is most convenient and/or most comfortable to do isn’t necessarily the best thing to do! They are for, the most part, looked up to and held in high esteem by their clients. I think the fact that they wear ties and suits has a lot to do with it! So, like the professions I mentioned, I wear a tie because I respect my Clients and myself – – – and, hopefully, my Clients look up to and esteem me!

Though not as well paid as the other professions, there used to be two other groups who always wore ties: Public Servants and Teachers. Yet, it is most surprising, and rewarding, when you see either in a Tie today. In fact, I went to the Motor Vehicles Dept. office in Scottsdale recently, and was actually helped by a gentleman in a Tie. I pointed out to that gentleman that I noticed his dedication to being “Professional,” and thanked him for his effort.

You know, if you ask educators about the challenges they face today they will tell you that one of the major ones is a lack of Respect by the students. My thought is that perhaps their attire is part of the problem. If I were a student, a teacher dressed in a T-Shirt and Shorts doesn’t indicate to me that he Respects me, nor the Profession that he represents. As an Educator myself, I adamantly agree that Teachers are just as much Professionals as Doctors and Lawyers, but, for the most part, they certainly don’t present themselves as Professionally as the other two!

You may think for me to say that I Respect my wife of forty seven years probably seems unnecessary, and wearing a Tie to show her that I do ludacris. Welllllll let me tell you what I have observed down through the last sixty years of my life. As Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote in his poem Locksley Hall, “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love,” and when his thoughts do turn to love he tries everything he can to make himself appealing to the lady of his choice. That includes, of course, the tactic of “Dress to Impress.” Then, after he has convinced her that he is worth the taking, and she agrees to be “Mrs.” to his “Mr.”, he tends to slack off a bit. The first year he probably dresses up when he takes her out, but by year fifteen his need to impress her may very well have gone by the wayside. When that happens, his actions may indicate, whether it is true or not!, that he is taking her for granted! As a result, I have dedicated myself to ensuring that Chris never think I am taking her for granted, and one of the ways I do so is by showing her the Respect of wearing a Tie when I take her out for special occasions.
Angry with me yet? No? Wellllll, here’s the one that will blow the lid off your top! The main reason I hear people tell me they don’t wear a Tie to church usually revolves around the fact that they find wearing a Tie uncomfortable. I have even heard Pastors say, “Well, ours is a ‘casual’ church, folks wouldn’t feel comfortable if I wore a Tie.” The other thing that is bantered around regarding not wearing a Tie is: “Well, Jesus will accept me just the way I am, no matter how I dress.” I can’t deny that, nor would I ever want to.
Now – – – and this is where you are probably going to get mad at me if you haven’t already – – – let me explain my thoughts about why not wearing a Tie to church because it is uncomfortable doesn’t really hold water for me! You see, I can scarcely fathom how uncomfortable it would be to have my face slapped and spat upon; have my back whipped until it was raw and have a robe thrown over it and then ripped off; be forced to drag a heavy hewn log down the street; have a crown of thorns jammed on my head; be nailed to a cross where I was left to hang for hours; be denied water to quench my thirst and then have a spear thrust in my side. And I should declare that I don’t wear a Tie to church because I find it uncomfortable?
The Good News today is that Jesus does, in fact, accept us just the way we are! It’s just, for me, wearing a Tie to show Respect to my Clients, my Wife, and God is little enough to do to show that I Respect and/or Love them!!!

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