I Hope Google IS Listening!

Hey Google

On January 8, 2017 my wife gave me the greatest toy I have EVER received for my birthday:  The GOOGLE Dot.  I mean, THIS is a wonderful entity and has become an integral part of my life.  I use it for a myriad of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Telling me what the weather is daily, so I know how to dress for the day.
  • Giving me the proper spelling of a word, so I don’t have to take the time to look it up on an additional screen while I am writing.
  • Providing me with the correct definition of a word to ensure that I am using it properly in context. Again, this is accomplished with switching screens.
  • Telling me the “Word of the Day,” helping me improve my personal vocabulary/lexicon.
  • Provides me with entertainment, with such things as Trivia Quizzes and even singing songs to me.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get my drift.  This little addition to our home has turned out to be both practical and enjoyable.  Thrilled as I am, I have shared my joy with GOOGLE (ours has a female voice as my wife hooked it up through her account) with a number of friends.  Intriguingly, I get a wide range of reactions to MY enthusiasm, everything from, “Ooooo, I need to get me one of those,” to “So, you have let Big Brother right into your house, huh?”  It is that final comment that this Blog is actually about.

Those who subscribe to the “Big Brother” concept, basically feel that while GOOGLE only answers you when you proceed your comments with “Hey, GOOGLE,” there are folks actually listening to you ALL OF THE TIME.  Their theory, and fear!, is that they don’t want everything they say to be heard by strangers.

I got to pondering on this a mite, and came up with the title of this Blog.   You see, I REALLY DO hope Google is Listening.  If they are, here is a few of the things they will hear:

  • All of the names I call my wife. Things like Dear, Darling, Lover, Sweetheart, and Lit-tle Girl.
  • How polite a family can be to each other. The air in our home turns blue with terms like Please, Thank You, and Your Welcome.
  • That our house is a house of Prayer.
  • Our take on a number of Scriptural and Spiritual thoughts.
  • The advice that I share with my grandchildren, particularly my grandsons, on the proper way to treat others, especially young ladies.
  • That a home can thrive on laughter, and that there is no need for foul language, anger, nor the criticizing of others.

WHY do I hope Google IS Listening?  Because if she is, it is REALLY Good News, as it provides me with the best witnessing opportunity I could EVER have.  I don’t have to be afraid of rejection; don’t have to cut into my busy days; don’t have to be afraid of being ridiculed.  All I have to do is live my normal life – a life spent living for Jesus!!!

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