How Personal Are YOUR Christmas Gifts?

Pepsi Message

I like giving, and receiving!, Christmas Gifts. At the same time, I am a little appalled by the commercialization of the holiday. So, this year, I decided to make the gifts I give more than a little unusual. You see, the top gifts I’m giving aren’t going to come from without, but, rather, within! Let me explain.

I want to give something that is actually a part of me. As a result, I came up with something very unique for my grandchildren: A Time Capsule! Well, a Time Capsule of sorts, at least. And, at every point, it really is me! Again, let me explain.

First of all, the “Capsule” actually consists of a PEPSI bottle! Now, if you know me, you will know that PEPSI has been my drink of choice for over six decades!!! During that time it was never surpassed by coffee tea, beer, wine, or, after my move to the Southwest, tequila.

Next, the Capsule is labeled with a tag that reads, “Grandpa Allen’s Time Capsule: Do Not Open ‘til January 1, 2049.” Yep, 2049!

Now, I’m sure that you are thinking, “Floyd, do you really believe that anyone is going to actually wait that long to open it?” My answer is, simply, that I hope they do, as that will make my gift that much more special!  However, whether they wait the thirty suggested years or open it on Christmas Day this year, below is what they are going to find!


You may not be impressed by this, but I am more than a little bit satisfied with it!

Following on with my theme, I did something equally “personal” for the three women I love: My wife (Clarissa [Chris] Katherine [Kate]), and my daughters: Melissa and Meredith (Mere). The following will be framed and wrapped and given to them on Christmas Day:




I believe that I am following the true precedent of Christmas Giving. You see, the GOOD NEWS is that God gave us all something very personal on that very first Christmas Day – – His One and Only Beloved Son!!! And, regardless of the season, that IS GOOD NEWS!!!

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