pppcI look forward to every other Tuesday. You see, every other Tuesday the cleaners come and do our house. BUTthat’s not why I look phorward to every other Tuesday, although it is part of the reason, in a round-about way. Let me explain.

Every other Tuesday, when the cleaners come, we have to vacate the premises for a phew hours. So, to make sure that I use that time wisely, I began the Phoenix Philosophy Phan Club (PPPC). It started off with just me and my good phriend, Marcy Bobbitt. Then, we added phriends Pat Sells, Susan Bidell, and Gary Jacques. Next came Steve Boyle and Mark McCuen. Their admission was phollowed by Marcy’s daughter Lori, my grandson Benjamin, and Josh Goldman, who attends ONE CHURCH SCOTTSDALE with Mark, Marcy, and me. Mark Zoloto, also an attendee of ONE CHURCH SCOTTSDALE, is seriously contemplating joining, and we have agreed to make my doctor, Dr. Sam Fereidouni, an Honorary Member. So, when people ask how many members we have in PPPC, I say that we currently have ten and a half and a half!

Now, you may wonder, what, exactly, does the PPPC do. Well, without meaning to appear sarcastic or phacetious, we discuss philosophical issues. For example, Gary Jacques and I re-wrote the phamous Descartes quote, “I think, therefore I am.” Now, let me walk you through the thought processes that led us to our “re-write.”

The phirst question we discussed was, “Since the chairs we are sitting in don’t think, does that mean that they aren’t? And, if they aren’t, why aren’t our patoots being deposited on the phloor?” So, since thinking is not the prerequisite phor existing, we surmised that what thinking is a pre-requisite phor is self-realization. As a result, we re-wrote the quote more accurately: “I think, therefore I know that I am.” Pretty deep, huh?

And, we discuss other mind-boggling things as well, such as, “My friend Marcy has OCD – Obsessive Chocolate Disorder!” or “Maybe if we tell people the Brain is an App they’ll start using it,” or “You know, you very seldom hear someone say, ‘I’m not as old as I used to be!’” or “If you were reading a book about Anti-Gravity, would it be impossible to put it down?” or “Some people don’t have to go looking phor phun, they take the phun with them,” or “Religion is a man in church thinking about phishing, while relationship is a man phishing thinking about God.” Good stuff, right?

Now, on a most rudimentary level, the PPPC discusses philosophical issues. However, there is more depth to us than that. What we also do is Mentor each other. And Phellowship. And share memories phrom our pasts and hopes phor our phutures. And encourage each other. You see, mostly the PPPC is an unique League of Phriends.

You know, I would suggest that you take the time and phorm a “Phan Club” of your own, regardless what kind it is. And remember, the key is to not only address the issues that were the basis for your club’s phormation, but to Mentor. And Phellowship. And share memories phrom your pasts and hopes phor your phutures. And encourage each other. You see, mostly your club should be another unique League of Phriends.

To receive a more complete list of the topics the PPPC discusses, e-mail me at

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