I Read Through the Bible in a Year…

bible surprise

…and it Only Took Me THIRTY Months!

A few years back someone said to me, “Floyd, inasmuch as you are the BIBLE GUY, just how many times have you read through the BIBLE?” Well, I looked at them rather sheepishly and confessed, “You know, actually I have never read through the BIBLE!”

As you can imagine, that “sheepish” feeling soon changed to shame. Not wanting it to advance to “regret,” I vowed to start my quest the next January 1st. And, I was true to my word. Thing is, the task took me a little longer than I expected it to!

You see, I decided that to read through the BIBLE just to be able to say I read through the BIBLE would be contrary to my nature. Soooo, I decided to take notes as I read. My goal was to record the references of verses that I had memorized (MY BIBLE says “Thy words have I hid in my heart,” notThy references have I hid in my heart”), and record new verses that I found interesting and wasn’t particularly familiar with. Also, to fully understand the passages I was reading I opted to read it in THE DAKE’S ANNOTATED BIBLE. Utilizing the KING JAMES VERSION, Finis Dake supplemented the text with a plethora of interesting facts and insights. Sooooo, while I was reading and recording references and new verses, I began to record DAKE’S insights as well! That’s why it took me thirty months to read through the BIBLE in a year – – “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!”

Now, as we are but a month or so away from January 1st, 2019, you might want to consider reading through the BIBLE this upcoming year. Since most of you probably don’t have a DAKE’S ANOTATED BIBLE, I have taken this opportunity to post the notes that I recorded way back when. I hope that you enjoy this information, and that you get more from reading through the BIBLE than just being able to say, “I read through the BIBLE in a year!!!


Table 1:Table-1.emf

Table 2:


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