Why I don’t Watch the News

Ron B

There was a time when I didn’t feel complete if I didn’t watch the news before I went to bed. As you can undoubtedly surmise by my title, those days are long gone!  In fact, it is safe to say that I never watch the news these days before I go to bed – – in fact, I don’t watch the news at all!  I’m sure you are wondering why, so I will share a few of my reasons with you:

  • I Don’t Know if What They Say is Really True – Between spin, judicious editing, and outright lying I have no idea what is being shared is fact, fiction, or somewhere in between!
  • Newscasters are no Longer Intent on Reporting the News, They Want to Sway our Beliefs to Align With Theirs – The Networks, and from what I can ascertain, all of the Networks, have an Agenda that they are pushing and prepare their news stories accordingly.
  • Each and Every Newscast Either Makes me Angry or Extremely Sad, but all Upset Me – The last few Newscasts I watched left me so distraught that it took many, many minutes for me to return to normal!
  • There’s Nothing I can do About it – As reports come in about political in-fighting, character assassinations, and murders across the country I realize that the days of Edward R. Murrow are a thing of the past, and that no one is going to stem the flow of these rivers of one-sided opinions.
  • There is NEVER Any Good News – Much like the old Hee Haw Song,

“If it weren’t for bad luck…   I’d have no luck at all!”

we can substitute,

If it weren’t for bad news…   We’d have no news at all!”

This last sentiment is what prompted the creation of GOD’S GOOD NEWS GAZETTE (www.godsgoodnewsgazette.com). The purpose of our publication is to share with the world the fact that not only is God still alive and well, but here are the things He is currently doing!  If you have some good news about what God has done in your life, please go to our site and click on “submissions” to see how you can share it with the rest of the world!

Well, those are the reasons I don’t watch the news, and while I know you may equate me to the ostrich who sticks his hand in the sand, I can assure you that I don’t miss it at all. And, I haven’t been upset in a coon’s age!!!

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